Creating nice and flat circle when crocheting is not that difficult but it requires to follow some rules. Below I
  The seamless join can be among the tidiest ways to join a round. This example shows how to use
  Unisex Cowl Crochet Pattern Very easy and quick to crochet cowl. You can make in no time for yourself
Here is the pattern for the second washcloth from my mini gift project. This pattern works very easily but slightly
These days I am working on a gift made of washcloths which I will put in a small crochet basket.
Here I will present to you the ribbed stitch which looks beautiful not only for hats, but also for blankets,
My mum loves knitting baby blankets and I decided to share with you some of the stitches she is using.
This  beautiful  scarf,  using lace  crochet  techniques  and  merino  wool yarn,  is  warm but  delicate  enough  to  carry  you through