Crochet fingerless gloves with a heart

Crochet Fingerless Mittens with a Heart

In a little more than a month we will be celebrating St Valentine’s day and I cannot help but look for love-ly projects 🙂 My little daughter helped here enormously asking for gloves with hearts on them and here they are. The first one is finished. Is is very easy, beginner’s friendly project and the gloves can be crochet very quickly.

Yarn: Merino wool 50g
Hook: 3.5mm
Size: To fit 4-5 years old

The gloves are worked in the round with exception of the top, around the wrist part. To connect every row I am using the technique outlined here so that the seam is not so visible.
Around the wrist part.
Ch17 or as many stitches as you like depending how high you would like that piece to be. Note that we will fold it in half.
Row 1: Single crochet in the second st from the hook and then sc in all stitches to the end. Turn
Row 2: Ch1, sc in the back loop of all 16 st to the end of the row.
Repeat Row 2 until you get the desired length. Note that it should be slightly less than the circumference of the wrist. I crochet 14 rows for my nearly 5 years old daughter.
Once finished join the piece with sl st, then fold it in half and join both ends with sc.

Main part of the glove:
Round 1- 3: Half Double Crochet all the way round. Finish with a slst. Turn.
Round 4: 1 ch, HDC with purple in the next 5 st. Change the yarn to white and crochet 3 HDC as you carry the purple yarn underneath. Crochet the next st with purple, then with white HDC in the next 3. Change back to purple and finish the round.
Round 5-10 are worked in the same way as round 4.
Round 11: Repeat round 1.
Finishing shells. Once I reached the desired length I finished by row of shells.
Sc in first st. *3 HDC in the next st, sk 1 st and sc in the st after. Then straight in the next st repeat from * to the end. Finish seamlessly using this method here

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