Crochet Romantic Shawl Pattern

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This is a very easy to crochet shawl pattern but the final result is stunning. Use fine alpaca or merino yarn and you will have a delicate cover for your shoulders in no time! I love this shawls because they very versatile, we can use them for going out in the summer evenings as well as for very special occasions.

The shawl measures approximately 31cm wide x 170cm long.
I crochet it with Merino wool and hook size 3.5mm (E-4 US)
Suitable for beginner level crocheters.

ch – chain
tr (dc) – treble crochet (double crochet US)
chsp – chain space
dc (sc) – double crochet (single crochet US)
slst – slip stitch

The wrap is made of 7 clusters. To crochet one cluster you need a chain of 10+1. To make the foundation, chain 76 (these are 7*10 for the foundation + 1 + 5 stitches for the start of the next row and replacing 1 treble crochet and 2 chains at the beginning).

Row 1: Tr in the 11th ch from hook, ch 2, 3 tr (dc) in the same 11th chain, ch 2 skip next 4 ch; *1 tr (dc) in the next chain, ch 2, skip 4, [1 tr (dc), ch 2, 3 tr (dc)] in the next ch, ch 2*. Repeat across ending with 1tr (dc) in the last chain. Turn

Row 2: *Ch 5 (this counts as 1 tr (dc) and ch 2); dc (sc) in the first 2 chsp from Row 1, ch 3, [1 tr (dc), ch 2, 3 tr (dc)] in the chain space that is part of the first cluster from Row 1; dc (sc) in the middle of the next chsp*. Repeat across and finish the row by chain 2 and 1 tr (dc) in the third chain from Row 1 (or just in the last chain space), whichever way you prefer. Turn.

Repeat Row 2 as many times as you like to achieve the desired length.

The borders of the shawl 

The borders are finished by 3 slst and a peacock of 3 (that is chain 3, sl st in the 1st ch)

I also added small flowers at the ends.

Enjoy the crochet! Please let me know if you find some of the instructions difficult to read. I will correct as soon as possible for you!

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Happy crocheting!

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