Crochet Snowflake

I wanted to crochet snowflakes for our Christmas tree for a long time. I know, there are so many beautiful decorations out there at the shops but these crochet snowflakes bring different, homely feeling. It is as if they have a soul. I love them!

To crochet my snowflakes I used cotton yarn and hook of size 1.75. 
The I used are he following UK terms 
ch – chain;
tr – triple crochet;
dtr – double triple
dc – double crochet;
slst – slip stitch;
cs – cluster stitch –
start as if you are going to do treble crochet but don’t finish it. Crochet 3 such stitches and finish them all together;
chsp – chain space

To start chain 6 then slip stitch in first chain to
form a circle.
Round 1: Chain 3 (counts as 1tr), 2 tr, 3 ch. Crochet
*3tr, 3ch* and repeat four times. These should form 6 groups of 3 tr and 3
chains in total. To close the round with a sip stitch in the top of the third
chain from the beginning.
Round 2: Crochet slip stitch in the trebles
from round 1 until you reach the first chain space. Now ch3 and 3 tr crochet
cluster, 3ch, 4 cs, 5ch; [1cs, 3ch, 1cs, 5ch]; repeat [] 4 times more (6 in
total). Finish with slst on top of the 3rd chain from the beginning.
Round 3: Ch3, 3
tr, 3 ch, 4 tr (all in the chain space from Row 3), 1sc in the middle of the
next chain space; [4tr, 3ch, 4tr in the next 3 chsp, 1sc in the middle of the
next 5 chsp]; repeat [] 4 times more (6 in total).
Round 4: sc in
each of the 4 tr, sc in the chsp, [ch3, sc in the chsp] x 4, sc in each of the
next tr from Round 3, sc in the sc cr from Round 3] x 4 (6 in total).
Finally crochet the hanging part by as many chains as you want to and fasten off.

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