How To Crochet Perfectly Flat Circle

Creating nice and flat circle when crocheting is not that difficult but it requires to follow some rules. Below I am listing just few rules as a start.

To create nice and flat circle when crocheting we have to increase every round with the same number of stitches. You can use this guide:

Circle crochet from double crochet stitches:
Start by chain of 6 and then increase every round by six stitches.
Round 1: 6sts
Round 2: 12sts
Round 3: 18sts
Round 4: 24sts and so on.

Circle crochet with treble crochet stitches example:
If round 1 starts with 12 stitches we increase every round by 12 stitches.
Round 1: 12sts
Round 2: 24sts
Round 3: 36sts
Round 4: 48sts and so on.

You can deviated from the above as per your personal preferences but keep in mind that the increases have to be consistent. If  the first round is with 4 stitches, then every round will have to be increased consistently by 4 and you should have the perfect flat circle. If following the above doesn’t give you the flat circle but a raffled one you could try to:

*increase the number of the starting stitches
*adjust the hook size (maybe try with a smaller one)

If your circle starts to cup that means the rounds are too tight. In this case you could try a bigger hook or start by making first round with fewer stitches.

Below is a picture of my treble crochet circle – well, the second round didn’t turn up as I wanted to but I was too lazy to unravel.. Do you notice there are no corners and there is no chain of 3 to start the next round? I will add a new post this week to share with you how I crochet the circles. 🙂

I hope you have found this post useful.

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