Soft Baby Blanket – Merino


♥ 80 x 67 cm
♥ 100% Merino

♥ 100% Hand knit

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♥ 80 x 75 cm
♥ 100% Merino

♥ Hand knit baby blanket

The blanket is light and airy and it would make an ideal gift for that little one.

The blanket is hand knit from merino wool yarn.

Please Hand Wash at max 30°C/86°F
Dry flat

The Merino wool has great properties – it regulates body temperature due to its natural breathability, keeping you cool in the summer months by wacking away any moisture and also keeping you warn in the winter. Against the skin, Merino Wool feels incredibly soft due to its ultra fine fibres.

Merino wool is in fact lighter than any other sheep’s wool, ensuring a soft and comfortable fit against the skin. Merino thermals stores the heat you create when active for extra warmth.

When you become too hot the Merino wool can also release body heat so you don’t overheat.

Merino wool items shouldn’t need to be washed frequently due to a natural protective layer that resists stains and odours. For best results, refer to the care instructions on your merino wool product.

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