Ribbed Stitch Crochet Pattern – Faux Knit Look

Faux Knit

Here I will present to you the ribbed stitch which
looks beautiful not only for hats, but also for blankets, cushions, scarves, washcloths…
you name it! I like this stitch not only because it is veritable but it is also
very easy to knit (and quick)!

Abbreviations UK terms (US terms):
dc = double crochet (sc = single crochet)
trc = treble crochet (dc = double crochet)

The pattern is UK terms and US terms in the brackets. I hope that helps.
To start, crochet a chain with any number of stitches.
Row 1: Ch 3, then work 1 trc (1 dc) in every stitch to the end.
Row 2: ch1, dc (sc) in the back bar of each trc (dc) from Row 1. 
[The back bar is where the hook is inserted on the picture on the left. Working like this, will create knit like stitch on the front side.] 

Row 3: Ch3 then crochet 1 trc (1 dc) in the back loop of every dc (sc) from Row 2. Ch1, turn.

Repeat Row 2 and Row 3 as many times as needed to reach the desired length or width. 
After working few rows you will see the beautiful pattern emerging. Easy and quick! 

Should you have questions I am happy to help. 
Happy Crocheting!

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