~ We are hand-knitting for you~

Messy Yarn is a small knitting/crocheting company dedicated to all of you grandparents, mums and dads and all of you who are searching for the perfect gift. There is something special about making a handmade gift – it is not about just the finished garment but the also the love and care that went into it. You can give daily cuddles to your loved ones through the cosy blanket you choose for them.

We are knitting mainly babies and toddler’s blankets but we also have the grown ups in mind, the weddings and Christenings. Please follow us to be updated about the new projects.

~ Our story~

The mother was a shoemaker for a great part of her life and she loved knitting too. She would imagine her knitted creations whilst crafting a pair of shoes. She would carefully turn them into cosy blankets, scarfs or dresses whilst watching her daughter grew up beside her. Much love went into these garments and when one day her daughter had her own first baby, her mother wrapped him in love too.  Twelve years now since the first baby blanket was knitted and the daughter still keeps it! It’s a treasure!

Mina and Pepa (The mother and the daughter)

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