Seamless Crochet Circle (crochet seamlessly in the round)

Good morning to everyone!

Today I want to share how to manage the crochet circles 🙂

I really wanted to find a way to crochet in a circle or just in the round without having that trace of the 3 chains and also not to have corners which appear where the increases are. At the end it looks like it worked! Here is how.

For the circle on this photo I started every round at different place, not on the top of the starting point of the round below. This is very important so that you don’t end up with corners because of the increases!

To have it all seamless I don’t start the rounds with chain 3 anymore. I start with 1ch (or 1 sc),rather than 3, then I do the required treble crochet for the round I am on. At the end of the round finish with slip stitch in the top of the first treble crochet covering the chain at the beginning of the round. And now all is ready! We have a nice seamless crochet circle!

Here it is visible the first chain just before the first treble crochet

Crochet the last treble crochet in the same stitch where the single crochet is so that it is covered

Finish the round by slip stitch at the top of the first treble crochet.

I hope this was helpful! Would love to hear from you how do you crochet your perfect circle!

At the very final round finish with seamless join rather than slip stitch. The notes of how to do the final seamless join are here.

Happy crochet! 🙂

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