Seamless join when crochet in the round (replaces the final slip-stitch)


seamless join can be among the tidiest ways to join a round. This example shows
how to use this type of join in place of a slip-stitch join.

Complete the
round and stop just when it is time for the slip-stitch (which we will omit
here). Cut the yarn leaving a tail. Pull tail through the final stitch, then
thread the tail onto a tapestry hook. Insert the hook from back to front
stitch under both loops at the top of the first stitch of the round and pull
the yarn through.


Insert the hook from front to back into the top of the last stitch of the round, in the same
spot where the tail came from. Pull yarn through.



The joined stitch
could be slightly loose. Adjust the tension to create a seamless line across
the top of the stitches.

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