Unisex Cowl – Knit and Herringbone stitch

  Unisex Cowl Crochet Pattern

Very easy and quick to crochet cowl. You can make in no time for yourself or for a present! I started mine for my husband but liked it so much that I kept it for myself and will give him the second one I make 🙂
The pattern combines half double crochet knit stitch (half treble US terms) and the Herringbone stitch.
How to crochet the special stitches:

HDCKS – Half double crochet knit stitch

Yarn over the same way as for the half double crochet. Now is the important part – insert the hook in the back bar of the stitch (that’s the third one, just below the back stitch). Once your hook is inserted into the back bar, yarn over and pull through, yarn over and pull through the 3 loops you have on the hook.

In less words might be clearer – we work the same way as do HDC but instead of inserting the hook through both stitches on the top (front one and the back one) we work through the back bar.
The Herringbone stitch (half double Herringbone)
Yarn over, insert the hook through the top stitches (front and back), yarn over and pull through all the stitches.
The pattern:
Note: the pattern is worked in rounds.
I made a chain of 100 + 2 (the last two are the first stitch of my row 1). 
Row 1: HDC (Half treble US)
Row 2 and 3: HDCKS
Row 4 and 5: Herringbone stitch
Row 6, 7, 8: HDCKS
Row 9 and10: Herringbone stitch
Row 11 and12: HDCKS
Row 13 and 14: Herringbone stitch
Row 15, 16, 17: HDCKS
Row 18 and 19: Herringbone stitch
Row 20 and 21: HDCKS
Row 21 and 23: Herringbone stitch
Row 24, 25, 26: HDCKS
Row 27 and 28: Herringbone stitch
Row 29 and 30: HDCKS
Last Row: HDCKS
Finish with slip stitch to join or even better – use the tapestry needle join. It is one of the tidiest ways to join the round. I will load pictures and explanation on how to do it in another post.
Enjoy the crochet!

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